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It's our pleasure to introduce to you, our embroidery
enthusiasts, Hilde G. Lee.  She is a renowned editor, artist
and culinary expert. She has been creating wonderful
works of "heart" for many years and is excited to share
her tireless expertise with you.

Hilde G. Lee's lifelong interests have been in the fabric
field and in the food field. She has owned her own retail
and wholesale fabric business, has been a designer with
Moygashel Irish linens, and was a pioneer in sewing
machine needle painting.

Hilde's interest in food resulted in radio and TV shows
as well as writing in the field. She is the author of 9 books
on food and wine and continues to write a weekly food
column for the Charlottesville, VA Daily Progress. Hilde
continues her work in the fabric and food fields.

Hildesigns was selected by Hilde G. Lee to provide a
common label for the wide variety of designs and products
she has created. The name signifies uniqueness and
individual interpretation.

Click the "H" icon on the left to enter
her embroidery studio.